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Spreadsheet Dot-Comma Setup

HOWTO setup a spreadsheet to read and write dots for decimals. There are four steps to get to the windows control panel for decimal separators:

  • Start button.

  • Control Panel

  • Date, Time, Language and Regional Options

  • Change the format of numbers, dates, and times

Windows control panel for changing the decimal separator:

Step 5: You can select English or any other language that uses dots for decimals  ... OR ...

  • Select the language you want and "Customize" to set:

    • Step 6: Set the Decimal symbol to "."

    • Step 7: Set the list separator to ","

The process changes depending on Windows distribution. Google "windows dot comma" for the specifics of your system/spreadsheet combination.


Europe Dot/Decimal:

To check if your spreadsheet is writing dots for decimals open a ReStackor input file at C:\ReStackor\Work_Dir\

All of the decimals should show a dot not a comma. If there are still comma's there you probably skipped a step above.