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Download ReStackor Demo

The demo runs the full featured ReStackor pro version of the software to let you test ReStackor features and verify software compatibility with your computer. Demo calculations are limited to stacks of ten shims and shim diameters less then 10 mm. 

Microsoft Excel:    version: v.0.92.4  Feb 2017

Free OpenOffice (Sun Microsystems) and LibreOffice (The Document Foundation) Spreadsheets:

Installation key strokes are shown below.....

ReStackor Release History:

v0.83     June 2009     Initial Release

v0.84     Nov 2010     Base and mid-valve interactions

v0.84.1  May 2011     Ring shim calculations

v0.85     March 2013  Compression adjuster spring preload

v0.91     Sept 2014     Dissolved air oil foaming

v0.92     Jan 2015       Thumper Talk dyno comparisons 

v0.92.4  Feb 2017      Low speed modeling improvements

v0.93     Sep 2017      Suspension bottoming response 

Install Keystrokes

  1. Download the Excel or OpenOffice install package for ReStackor

  2. Double click the downloaded package to open the zip file

  3. Double click the zip file to unzip the file

  4. Enter the zip file password: ReStackor (caps matter)

  5. Enter your administrator password to install ReStackor on your C: drive

  6. Open the ReStackor spreadsheets in C:\ReStackor\Excel or C:\ReStackor\OpenOffice.

Europe: If you are running ReStackor in Europe you are going to have to deal with the dorky dot/comma decimal separators used here in the US. The code insist on dots for decimals. Info to setup your spreadsheet to use dots for decimals is here .

Spreadsheet Macros

Spreadsheets with macros will generate a security warning on opening asking you to enable the macros. ReStackor uses spreadsheet macros to read/write calculation outputs to the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will not run without macros enabled, click on "Enable Content"

If your systems security settings are set to paranoid your system may disable spreadsheet macros with no notification. In that case clicking on the Run, Load_Output and Edit_Output buttons will not do anything and the spreadsheet will not function. In that case you will have to reset excel to allow macros to run using the info here.    

ReStackor Spreadsheet File Location

Spreadsheets are installed in the folder C:\ReStackor\Excel -or- C:\ReStackor\OpenOffice. ReStackor spreadsheets in those folders can be copied, renamed, and run from any directory on your computer. 

Demo Limitations:

ReStackor demo calculations are limited to shim diameters less then 10 mm and shim stacks with less than 10 shims. Only the ReStackor.xls and ReStackor-weight.xls spreadsheets run in demo mode. Both English and metric sheets work. For more complex stacks or computing the interaction of suspension valves in the mid-valve spreadsheet you need to purchase a ReStackor license through PayPal.

Additional Setup:

  • Europe: ReStackor uses the dorky U.S. dot comma system. Your spreadsheets have to be setup to use dots for decimals. The setup process is shown here

  • Excel Setup: Solutions to common setup problems in Excel are here.

    • Windows Vista: Vista has the C: drive locked. To allow ReStackor spreadsheets read/write access to the C: drive you have to launch spreadsheets using this special MicroSoft three finger solute.

  • Open Office Setup: Open Office setup tips are here.