Extracting Your User Key

Extracting you user key is easy. Set the input keyword Vspec to Ukey and click the run button. The pop-up execution window will show you your user key. In this case 148243.

To get your user key run the ReStackor demo with the Vspec keyword set to Ukey. The popup execution window will show you your user key.

The above method will always show your user key whether you are running the demo version or an official version of ReStackor. This lets you extract your user key at any time for future upgrades to ReStackor.

After entering your User key and credit card payment info at PayPal your code key will be emailed to you - usually minutes, sometimes hours.


Entering Your Code Key

To enter your code key set the Vspec keyword to Ckey and click the run button.

The ReStackor pop-up execution window will ask you to confirm you want to change your code key. Changing the code key wipes out your existing key and the code will fall back into demo mode until a correct code key is entered. 

Save your user key and code key in case you need them for future upgrades of ReStackor.